Full Service

Our system differs substantially from other photo laboratories in that we take over all preparatory and follow-up work for our customers.

This service allows our customers to fully concentrate on the crucial aspects of the business, such as taking photographs or aquiring new customers.

Online Processing

We offer our customers complete online processing of school photo orders, including payment processing, packing and shipping. We also provide a shop for this purpose.

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Thiele QuikTrans Software

With QuikTrans you can manage your entire workflow quickly and conveniently from one program.

Individual set design for individual people, class and kindergarten groups or group pictures with class specific imprint, without surcharge, and the automated FTP dispatch of single or several orders to Thiele - with QuikTrans everything is problem free.

Service Products for Schools

We produce student passes according to your wishes. The passes can of course also be ordered on high-tech cards (magnetic strips, chips, RFID). Thanks to our QR Code System which allows you to combine names and pictures during the photo session, it is no longer necessary to take photos according to lists. On request, we can also create an import file for the respective school administration program.

Payment Processing

More and more institutions expect photographers to take over the payment processing with the parents. Thiele supports it’s customers, also in this respect. We print your payment forms for you. You also receive an upload with all information. We offer you the automated reconciliation of invoices and payments in an extra software tool. With this program you can conveniently manage your invoices on your computer, check incoming payments, sales targets and actual sales, as well as print out reminder lists and reminders.

Retouching: more beautiful images, better turnover

Our automated Thiele retouching unburdens you as a photographer. We take care of the retouching itself and also the handling. The result is more satisfied customers and a higher turnover for you. 


Are you looking for a reliable partner for your kindergarten and school photography? Or perhaps you have a question about our services, technology or innovations. We look forward to your inquiries and feedback.

Mail: info@thielefoto.com
Phone: +49 203 - 31 82 40